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20100503 The Unofficial After Party for The Metropolitan Museum/

20130914 London Edition Opening Celebrating The September Issue of W Magazine

20130915 Tom Ford London Flagship Store Launch Party/

201404 (x

20140917 attend the Coldplay concert at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.(pine-farr)

Celebrities Attend The LA Coldplay Concert

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The Most and Least Liked Fall TV Actors (x)


Demon!Dean [tvline]


Demon!Dean [tvline]

#SPN10 Countdown Challenge | 21 Days Left | S01E21 - Salvation

↳ "If hunting this demon means getting yourself killed, then I hope we never find the damn thing."

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Into The Woods - Trailer Music
Stephen Sondheim


Alright, so I’ll be honest. I don’t think this movie is going to be good (at least, not what I personally would have wanted for a film adaptation of Into The Woods). Which is a shame, because I adore the musical itself. So after watching the trailer, all I want from it… is the music.

So here is an edited version of the trailer music, if anyone wants it :) - (the voices have been cut) [x]


Actual Scene vs. Gag Reel - Season 9

20081027 The 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival Awards Gala

20081027 The 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival Awards Gala



1.01 // 10.01


wait what………..

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This was the moment that made me start to pay more attention in Supernatural. Dean is so obviously conflicted during the whole scene; he doesn’t want to go against John, but his prime directive is to protect Sam, and to protect Sam he must go against John. This made me think of how many years he spend intermediating their conflicts like this. I feel especially proud of Dean every time he questions/disagree with John, because this is incredibly difficult to him; it takes a huge motivation to make him do it, and this motivation is usually Sam.