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Oct 1


New HB2 trailer.  Chris looks so funny in this :)

2009-2014 colorful vest collection 

20120130 UK Premiere of ‘This Means War’ 

pink shirt appreciation

20100503 The Unofficial After Party for The Metropolitan Museum/

20130914 London Edition Opening Celebrating The September Issue of W Magazine

20130915 Tom Ford London Flagship Store Launch Party/

201404 (x

20140917 attend the Coldplay concert at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.(pine-farr)

Celebrities Attend The LA Coldplay Concert

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The Most and Least Liked Fall TV Actors (x)


Demon!Dean [tvline]


Demon!Dean [tvline]

#SPN10 Countdown Challenge | 21 Days Left | S01E21 - Salvation

↳ "If hunting this demon means getting yourself killed, then I hope we never find the damn thing."

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Into The Woods - Trailer Music
Stephen Sondheim


Alright, so I’ll be honest. I don’t think this movie is going to be good (at least, not what I personally would have wanted for a film adaptation of Into The Woods). Which is a shame, because I adore the musical itself. So after watching the trailer, all I want from it… is the music.

So here is an edited version of the trailer music, if anyone wants it :) - (the voices have been cut) [x]